Sharn Visitors Guide – Welcome visitor, to the city of Sharn! The Visitor’s Guide offers an overview of the city, its wards and districts, its history and holidays, and providing an orientation to the many goods and services available. As the saying goes, “If it can be bought, it can be bought here."

Festivals and Sports – The Festivals, Holidays and annual traditions of Sharn, as well as a few of its favorite athletic pastimes.

Layout of Sharn – Where in Sharn to buy goods, and where to get mugged. Discusses each district of the city in detail, and presents each ward in turn, providing some statistics about each district in the ward, and highlighting important locations within each district.

Sharn History – How Sharn came to be. More or less. Follows the historic city from its goblin roots to its modern day existence.

Organizations of Sharn – The powers that operate in Sharn

  • Politics of Sharn – discusses the role of the city council, the Lord Mayor, the Brelish crown, and the dragonmarked houses in charting the course of events in the city.
  • Law of Sharn – discusses the laws of the city as well as the Galifar Code of Justice.
  • Crime in Sharn – discusses the crime organizations within Sharn
  • Guilds in Sharn – discusses the various Guilds and other groups of importance in Sharn


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