House Jorasco


The Mark of Healing first appeared among the halflings of the Talenta Plains about three thousand years ago, but the Jorasco family eventually moved its headquarters to Karrnath to better serve greater Khorvaire. For this reason, most of the Jorasco halflings are cosmopolitan and cultured in the traditions of the Five Nations, with few ties to the ancient nomadic ways of the Plains.

Today, the Healers Guild of House Jorasco tends to the well-being of most of Khorvaire. Using both mundane and magical healing techniques, as well as alchemy and herbalism, the healers of House Jorasco deal in curing illnesses, tending wounds, and treating mental maladies in their hospitals and healing enclaves.

The matriarch of the house, Ulara d’Jorasco, is dedicated to overseeing her healing enclave and training hospital in Vedykar. She rarely travels far from the enclave, leaving the business of managing distant healing centers to younger family members. She has little patience for the traditional halflings of the Talenta Plains, who treat her house with suspicion and distrust. Still, House Jorasco has healing centers even among the nomadic halflings, for the house’s code requires that all who need aid receive it—as long as they can pay for the service.

House Jorasco

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